Paras Bliss Noida

Paras Bliss Noida

Paras Healthcare, the rapidly growing healthcare provider in India, has announced the launch of Paras Bliss Hospital, Noida the first dedicated mother and child care facility in the city with specialized expertise in the fields of Fetal Medicine and Development Care Support.

Paras Healthcare had just commissioned its second specialized mother and child care center in Panchkula in February this year. It is also the first corporate mother and child care facility of the region. With Noida, Paras Bliss chain now includes three hospitals. They are located in New Delhi, Panchkula and Noida.

The 50-bed facility will be the first dedicated hospital in the city to offer specialized medical services for pre and ante natal care of mother and child including personal birthing consultants, post delivery weight management, special focus on women & adolescent health, lactation counseling and massage treatment amongst others.

Besides being the first Mother & Child Care Boutique Hospital in Noida, Paras Bliss is also the first green hospital in the city designed with complete eco-friendly and energy efficient systems. With innovative systems such as sunrays controlling windows, efficient use of energy, water and other resources, the hospital has a well equipped mechanism to reduce waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

“At Paras Bliss, we understand that birthing is a celebration. This celebration should not be clubbed with the serious environment of a multi specialty hospital. We also give special importance to pre-conception counseling, a concept that is yet to gain much attention in India. Most couples see a doctor after discovering a pregnancy or when they experience trouble in conceiving. They do not seek medical advice before trying to conceive. Recent medical advances have shown that informed advice and undertaking some diagnostic tests before conception can also help prevent birth defects in the child. Paras Bliss specializes in providing a complete solution to women from conceiving – in birth – post delivery and fir pediatric care ,”

Some interesting features of the hospital include ante-natal classes, post delivery weight reduction program, professional breastfeeding specialists, professional masseurs, counselors, and physiotherapists.

Paras Bliss is the first steps towards making excellence a habit and is highly concerned about the welfare of its patients. Motherhood is a fascinating stage of life and the hospital wants to help people experience its manifold joys to the utmost extent.

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