Specialties Offered at Paras Bliss Hospital in New Delhi, Panchkula & Chandigarh

Our Specialities

Our Specialities


At Paras Bliss, our motto is to ensure that the mother and child have access to the best medical expertise and healthcare infrastructure accompanied by compassionate care. The Department of Obstetrics at Paras Bliss is unique in its composition, providing the mother, patient attendants and the neonates a holistic environment specialized...


Paras Bliss understands the importance and the complexities of women health. The Department of Gynecology is equipped to address all women-related health issues and is well supported by a team of experienced medical professionals to provide comprehensive care to the woman of today.The department is well equipped and supported by latest diagnostic...


Paras Bliss provides comprehensive care even after you have delivered your bundle of joy. We believe in building trust and hence through our various informative programs assist you in ensuring that your growing child is healthy always. Our team of experienced pediatricians and neonatologists provide the best guidance and medical expertise...


Paras Bliss has well developed centers that are focused on neonatal care. Each delivery is supported by the Department of neonatology – which comprises of a well experienced team of neonatologists, intensive care specialists and anesthetists to take care of your new born – bundle of joy. The experts are also well trained and equipped to handle...


At Paras Bliss you have the opportunity to ensure that you care for your bundle of joy, the entire lifetime. With the latest technology, technical experts and collaboration, Paras Bliss advices you on Cord Cell Banking- A noble way to ensure that your child has access to the best in time of need. We also counsel you on the need, use, requirement...


Paras Bliss understands the complexities of a woman’s body. Supported by medical experts of repute, state of the art modular operation theaters and exceptional rehabilitative staff, Paras Bliss aims at using the latest technique of short stay surgery to address your medical issues. The single/uniport , scar less surgery offers the benefit...


Who doesn’t like looking picture perfect? Today men, women, adolescents all are conscious of the way they look. A small blemish or a scar can become a part of one’s personality. The experts at Paras Bliss understand the issues and predicaments associated with each age group. They specialize in treating and providing solutions for skin issues along with...


If you are longing for your bundle of joy and are unable to conceive, there may be medical reasons for the same. Paras Bliss specializes in infertility treatment and provides solutions to people who wish to complete their families. In today’s stressful age, time, hormones, disease or some other factors can be responsible for infertility. Paras Bliss with its team of andrologists


A smile always completes an expression and sets impressions. Your one smile can convey a million aspects about you and how you feel. Paras Bliss is supported by the best pediatric orthodontists, adult dentists, cosmetic dentists that specialize in the ‘Art of Smiles’. Beginning from infant dentistry, child dentistry followed by middle and old age dental...


A woman’s body experiences numerous changes with age. Every stage in life is associated with hormonal, bodily and social changes. Every girl, young woman, mother and old aged female has to be aware of the obvious and silent signs of symptoms. Today heart disease, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uterine abnormalities, hormonal imbalances are common...


The right food, balanced diet and vitamins and minerals are important at every age. Paras Bliss provides comprehensive dietetics and nutrition care. The team of nutrition experts provides clinical and counseling support for pediatric nutrition, weight loss, pregnancy care, menopausal care and old age. Guidance and counseling is well supported by diet plans...


Labor pain is a significant cause of worry and apprehension in expecting mothers. Also the pain sensitivity differs in every individual. With modern technology, now mothers can opt for a Painless Delivery and be an active participant in the delivery process. Painless Delivery is also a way to give birth naturally. At Paras Bliss a cesarean delivery is only recommended in high risk pregnancy cases.


According to studies every 6 in 10 women fear pregnancy, the associated complications and most importantly labour pains. Expecting.


Fetal medicine can be defined as new age medical intervention science that helps in the detection of birth defects in the fetus. This field of science provides the detection of any abnormality in the baby before it is born.


Physiotherapy is an important field of medicine that is in constant need in women, who tend to push their bodies to multi task.


Paras Bliss has a specialised centre for mental and emotional health providing psychology support to adults, adolescents and children.

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