Pregnancy- Do’s and don’ts |

Pregnancy- Do’s and don’ts

Pregnancy- Do’s and don’ts

Dr. Preeti Raheja - Gynecologist - Paras Bliss
by: Dr. Preeti Raheja
Consultant - Gynecologist Paras Bliss, New Delhi

Your little bundle of joy needs your complete care even before arriving in this world. Few things if taken into consideration lead to birth of healthy baby.


  • During pregnancy it is important to consume a protein rich diet with a balance of carbohydrates and fats.
  • It is good to eat small frequent meals.
  • Nuts like almond, walnuts and pistachio have amazing benefits.
  • Seafood- Fishes contain Omega-3 fatty acids so, are beneficial. But, raw fish should be completely avoided. Also, fishes like Swordfish, tile fish which have content of mercury should not be consumed.
  • Tender Coconut water is recommended in pregnancy.
  • Unpasteurized, processed foods and foods containing deli meat including hot dogs, sausages, smoked salmon should be avoided.
  • Do not consume foods containing Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG), which is a common flavoring agent in foods like chips and Chinese cuisine.
  • Consumption of 200mg coffee per day is permissible.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol at all.

Pregnancy- Do’s and don’ts


  • Before talking about activity it is important to highlight that “GET ENOUGH SLEEP and REST”.
  • Do not start any new exercise regime which you have not done before.
  • Carry on your normal routine.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weight and pushing heavy objects.
  • Swimming is a good form of exercise during pregnancy. But great caution should be taken regarding cleanliness of pod.
  • Walking (30 minutes) is a good form of keeping yourself fit.
  • Practicing yoga has amazing benefits during delivery and child birth.


  • Do not consume any medicine without consulting your doctor as some medicines can adversely affect fetus.
  • Do consume your nutrition supplements as prescribed regular.

General dos and don’ts:

  • Avoid hot tub baths and sauna.
  • Use any chemical on skin with great caution like hair colors are better avoided during first trimester.

Taking few precautions can help attain a healthy outcome. To sum up, “KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE”. Your mental status definitely impacts your baby even before the baby is born.

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