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Paras Bliss Puts Spotlight on Health on International Women’s Day with Host of Activities in Panchkula

Paras Bliss, Panchkula celebrated International Women’s Day on 7th and 8th of March by conducting series of activities. The doctors not only spread awareness on women’s health through the talk, but also were armed with fun quiz and games. 55% of women in the Panchkula region are anaemi Read More


Don’t Consider Anaemia as Old Age Disease Around 72% of Children Aged 6 months-4 years are Anaemic in Haryana

India tops the list of nations with most anaemic women and children Iron deficiency has remained the top cause of the disability in India for last 10 years Anaemia remains the top cause of Maternal death in India, Doctors advise women and children to put the focus on the health and to main Read More


ट्राइसिटी में 40% महिलाएं इर्रेग्यूलर मेंस्ट्रूयल सायकल से पीड़ित

आईटी पार्क, चंडीगढ़ में किया गया सर्वेक्षण, लगभग 500 महिलाओं को देखा गया, जिसमें 22-30 आयु समूह के रोगियों को है इर्रेग् Read More


40 % of Indian Women Suffering From Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Women with irregular menstrual cycles may have more than double the risk of ovarian cancer, stress, anxiety issues. PCOS affects about one in 10 women of reproductive age. Unhealthy lifestyle, eating Junk food and alcohol consumption can lead to irregular periods, says the doctor at Paras Read More


Over 33% of Under-5 Haryana Children Stunted: Poor Mothers’ Health, a Contributory Factor

Haryana records 10% drop in the last decade in a number of stunted children; less than the national average of 38%. Over 46.8 million children in the country suffer from the condition. Poor health of women from the time of childhood and adolescence is a significant factor contributing to Read More


Paras Bliss Silences Social Stigma around Body Image with Expecting Mothers Flaunting Their Baby Bumps

Paras Bliss Panchukla is encouraging expecting mothers to upload pictures of their baby bumps on social media. Pregnant women in India are caught in the maze of traditions and mask their baby bumps to “look appropriate”. Doctors at Paras Bliss are asking these expecting mothers to cel Read More


पारस ब्लिस अस्पताल ने एक्सपेक्टिंग मदर्स के लिए शुरू किया ऑनलाइन कांटेस्ट, बेबी बंप की तस्वीर साझा करने के लिए किया प्रोत्साहित

गर्भवती महिलाओं के आस-पास बने सोशल स्टिगमा को तोड़ने के लिए 4 दिसंबर से शुरू हुआ है कांटेस्ट पारस ब्लिस पंचकुला, Read More


Over 45% of Maternal Deaths Due to Early Marriages: India records the worst maternal healthcare globally

According to the Global Disease Burden Survey 2016, 51% of India women under reproductive age are anemic. Every year, approximately 287 000 women die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth, 99% of them are in developing countries. Malnutrition, lack of awareness, sex-determinatio Read More


दीवाली के बाद पंचकुला हॉस्पिटल में आने वाले रेस्पीरेटरी रोगियों में लगभग 25% बढ़ोत्तरी हुई है

पिछले साल की तुलना में प्रदूषण कम होने के बावजूद पंचकूला और चंडीगढ़ क्षेत्र में वायु की गुणवत्ता असुरक्षित प्रद Read More


हरियाणा की 62 फीसदी महिलाओं में है खून की कमी (एनीमिया)

महिलाओं में खून की कमी (एनीमिया) के मामले में भारत विश्व में 170वें नंबर पर है और एनएफएचएस 4 के मुताबिक हरियाणा की 62 फी Read More


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