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Depression in Women – Dr Ruby Ahuja, Consultant – Clinical Psychologists, Paras Bliss Panchkula

Watch this video of Paras Bliss Hospital in which Dr. Ruby Ahuja, Consultant – Clinical Psychologists, Paras Bliss Panchkula is talking Depression in Women. Dr. Ruby is talking about the Impact of Depression on Women, Symptoms of Depression, depression during Pregnancy, Perimenopausal Depression, various causes of depression and how to manage depression. Watch to know more.
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Care for Women Health After 40 – Dr Preeti Raheja, Paras Bliss New Delhi

Watch this video of Paras Bliss Hospital in which Dr Preeti Raheja, Consultant – Gynecologist, Paras Bliss New Delhi is talking on How to Care for Women Health after 40. She is also talking about What all Screenings a Woman should get done and what all care she should get after the age of 40. Watch to know more
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Post Delivery Weight Reduction – Dr Neha Gill, Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula

Watch this Paras Bliss Hospital Video in which Dr Neha Gill, Senior Physiotherapist, Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula giving webinar on “Post Delivery Weight Reduction”. Dr. Neha is talking on Weight Management, Things to remember in Pregnancy, Benefits of walking during Post partum, Benefits associated with Physical Activity and Effective Weight-loss Programmes.

Webinar on Diet and Nutrition for Newborns and New Moms – Dt Sandhya Gugnani

In this video Dt. Sandhya Gugnani, Consultant – Dietetics, Parasbliss, New Delhi is talking about Diet and nutrition for the new moms specially when they are lactating and at the same time trying to loose some weight. Dt Sandhya also talking about foods to increase milk production, tips on weight control and facts on Post delivery weight loss diet.

Webinar on “Lactation Counselling” by Dr Monica Aggarwal

In this video Dr Monica Aggarwal, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology, Paras Bliss Panchkula, is talking about Lactation Counseling, Merits and medical association with the same. Dr Monica says that for a strong physical, mental and emotional development of a healthy baby we need a strong foundation and breastfeeding gives us that foundation. Dr Monica says that Breastfeeding is the best potion that a mother can give to her child.

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